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Glendora Music and arts School Presents:

Musical Rewards System and Houses (teams)!!

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Glendora Music and Arts School is starting it's "Musical Rewards System!!!"
All of GMAAS students will be participating in our new Rewards System. This system is meant to motivate and inspire our students to become the musicians of their dreams all while having fun and being rewarded in the process! Our student's houses (teams) will all be working together to pass these tests! (Keep scrolling down to find out what your house is!!!!) This is how our rewards system is going to work:


  • Students will test every 3 months on whatever your instructor decides.

  • When you pass you will receive a lanyard with our school name on it, a pin added to this lanyard, and a certificate of achievement.

  •  If you do not pass, you will not get a certificate or a star added to your lanyard and your house will not receive points.

  • There are going to be 8 levels of achievement.

  • At the 1 year and 2 year marks you will receive a trophy for your hard work.

  • If you decide to withdraw for a month or two, no matter how far down our rewards system you are, you will have to restart all over with your rewards system once you re-register.

The first test for all of our students is going to be on: The first week of September!

musical rewards 2.PNG


All of our students are now going to start being a part of a "house". Your house is going be defined by who is your instructor. Scroll down below to find your house as well as your crest!

What team are you apart of_.png
Abby students.PNG
Cliff students.PNG

If you have any questions about our new rewards system or about your house, please reach out to us. Remember, now that you are part of a team, make sure to work hard,pass your test, and practice so your team can all pass and receive a trophy at the end of the year.

Thank you,

Luis Cordova
Glendora Music and Arts School

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