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Four Words People Have Used To Talk About Us

As the year winds down, let's go into this somewhat useful exercise of looking at how our families describe us to others.

Word-of-mouth, after all, is critically important for any kind of business, and it's especially important for evaluating the high-quality music instruction services we provide, day in and day out, to students who really desire to strive for great things, in their own ways, and at their own pace.

Throughout the year, as we've talked about our programs, our recitals, our instruments, our students and more, we've also been keeping an eye on the feedback that we get from local families. It’s important to us as a way to judge how we have served residents in the years past, to improve for the future.

So let's take a stroll back and look at some of the verbiage that people have used.

Now, these four words are not the usual professional descriptors that you find in testimonials. These are little more colloquial and neat descriptions based on people's positive outlooks about our programs!


Some people phrase it this way, by saying they are ‘blessed’ to be part of this music instruction program. That's a great positive thing, and we appreciate seeing that in feedback!

It also speaks to a holistic positive mindset on the part of the people who are expressing gratitude, understanding their situation, and bringing that spirit to music classes and the rest of their lives.


This one is kind of an exclamatory representation of how people feel when their youngster breaks through and achieves in music instruction.

Three cheers for the band!

So we like this one, too, as a positive descriptor of what we do in the Glendora area. And we add our voices to that resounding throng.


People have used this interesting statistic to talk about our professionalism, our attention to students, the quality of our instructors and their experience. They've used it to talk about our curriculum, our pride in our studio and more. When it comes to putting numbers to things, 100% is another great positive piece of feedback!


We saw someone use this in a testimonial recently, and we thought it was neat. It's kind of an unusual way to describe a program that is organized and clearly structured, and a studio that benefits from attention to detail. That’s also part of our business philosophy, so it’s nice when someone recognizes that verbally.

The above shows everyone using their own language to describe the positive word-of-mouth that we get in the community. It’s a compelling way to understand what we’re about here, and how we function as a kind of fixture in the community. Get more details on the site and if your little one needs help with music mastery – get in touch!

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