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Congrats to our Upland Location: Winners of Upland's Best Music School 2022.


We won Upland's Best Music School award of 2022!

Having not even been open for more than 7 months, we were awarded the Upland's Best Music School award and there is 1 simple reason as to why we won this award even though we are the new guys in town: Our top priority is to help our students learn to play what they want to learn. Music lessons tend to be boring.....but not with us. Here you will learn all of your favorite songs as fast as possible!

From our Manager Gustavo Cordova:

"Since we opened, we have strived to make UMA the best music school and town, and 7 months later, we made that a reality. Thank you to our staff, teachers, and families. We could not have done this without your support."

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