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Hello! Congrats on joining our music summer camp at our Glendora location! We are so excited you decided to join. It's going to be great. Below are the summer camp Details you need to be aware of before you show up! 

Summer Camp Info

What Will my Camper learn/do in this camp?

During the camp the kids are going to learn musicianship, voice, choreography, and Stage presence. The goal of our camp is for the kids to grow their confidence and musical talents! Our summer camps are designed to be very low pressure and fun for the kids, while at the same time effective and educational. We will also be emailing all parents a professional recording of the songs they will be singing/performing. The last day of camp, the campers will also perform for parents 2 numbers that they will be preparing throughout the week!

Modern Architecture

Camp Leaders

Coach Clif St. Laurent.
Faculty member at our school

Expert in Voice, Instruments, Choreography.

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