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Winter Recital 2024

ATTENTION: As a reminder, performers receive two complimentary tickets for guests, any additional guest that would like to attend can buy a ticket at the door for $10 per ticket

We are SO excited for our 2024 Winter Recital Saturday January 20th. Below is all of the info you will need as well as your performers Recital time. 

Althrough our Recital is from 12 pm to 8 pm, you do not have to be present the entire time, you only need to be present at the designated recital time that we give you. Our recital show times will be 1 hr long each with around 10 to 15 students within each recital. More info and details below.

SCROLL DOWN FOR INFO REGARDING Recital time, attire, address, check in locations, etc.

Lastly, please make sure if your performer is going to be using a book or sheet music while they play, please bring it. We will not have any sheet music or books at the venue to use. 

12 PM

  1. CHOIR PERFORMANCE (all choir students come in at this recital for group performance)

  2. Jolene Cruz *

  3. Jacob Camacho *

  4. Julian Rios

  5. Raquel Orellana-Barrientos*

  6. Joquin Ramirez*

  7. Ezikiel Ramirez *

  8. Arokiaxavi Jesuraj *

  9. Lupica Jesuraj*

  10. Alexa Carillo*

  11. Kathy Zhang*

  12. Paola Guzman*

  13. Bella Soriano Francoso*

  14. Avelani Govea *

1 PM

  1. ACTING (Mila Lopez, Gianna Campos, Mila Gutierrez) THE GAME SKIT

  2. Dorthy Hahn *

  3. Delilah Reed *

  4. Joshua Johnson *

  5. Jade Johnson*

  6. Jenna Lee*

  7. Kimberly Wong*

  8. Bailey Le*

  9. Ethan Calino*

  10. Mia Aguilar*

  11. Chanel Perez*

  12. Jose Angel Hinojosa*

  13. Sarah Pizana*

  14. Eliana Tuhoro*


  1. ACTING (Sage Malouf, Ava Rocker, Abel Vazquez) Trapped Skit.

  2. Luke Ammon *

  3. Audrey Geller*

  4. Khole Tsang*

  5. Olivia Najar

  6. Vittoria Guzman*

  7. Wyatt Palugna

  8. Caleb Benjamin Castro*

  9. Ethan Velasco*

  10. Madison Navarro*

  11. Isabella Oviatt*

  12. Annalyse Oviatt

  13. Charlie Kaing*

  14. Caitlin Kaing*

  15. Miranda Chavarin*


  1. ACTING (Iliana Diaz, Sofia Quintana, Dean Chavez, Hazel Montoya) The Library Skit

  2. Andrew Duff*

  3. Isaac Villanueva*

  4. Dulce gonzalez*

  5. Dulce gonzalez*

  6. Layla Lopez

  7. Leia M Silva*

  8. Juan Silva*

  9. Brooklyn Marin

  10. Andrew Ly*

  11. Nayeli Guzman*

  12. Anica Guzman*

4 pm

ACTING (Abbie Casanova, Katelyn Meyer, Logan Ferreira) The Game Skit

James Smith*

Elijah Le Shana*

Bryson Agcaoili*

Julia Delgado*

Brielle Soriano*

Zoe Solijon*

Alex Gizas*

Luz Navarro*

Reanna Gutierrez*

Sofia De La Cruz*

Audrey Towfic*

Isabella Datinguino*

Benjamin Littlejhon*

5 pm

ACTING (IOliver Stanick, Megan Ruiz, Amanda Marquez) Trapped Skit

Isaac Avila *

Leo Avila*

Francesca Joaquin*

Serena Sun*

Jesse Zhen*

Liliana Vazquez*

Lucas Latorre*

Syla Chaikhouni*

Mateo Brkic*

Christine Oberlander *

Lindsay White*

Sunny Limon*

Mason Fosselman*

Leah Ruiz*

6 pm

ACTING (Brooklyn Marin, Joshua Tapia, Suzy Kwa) The Game Skit 

Sienna Gonzalez*

Mateo Ramos*

Vincent Visee*

Kalia Colina*

Samuel Colina*

Rylee Oliver *

Lily Roman*

Paulina Ruiz

Joshua Tapia*

Jacob Tapia*

Namie Nagata

Mia Cervantes*


Daisy Roman*

Nami Nagata*Anson Lui

Adult Acting (Reison, Leslie, Dee) Skit

PLEASR BRING YOUR BOOKS and or SHEET MUSIC they day of your performance. 

We will not have any books or sheet music at the venue for you to use. Every performer has unique music that they will be playing so please make sure you come prepared with book and music if you need any. 

Drop OFF/Pick up location and time

Location: 1950 3rd St, La Verne, CA 91750

Please drop of the performer 30 MINUTES BEFORE THEIR SHOW TIME. Ex: If youre recital is at 1 pm. please arrive at 12:30 pm the latest.  This gives our staff enough time to check in students and line tham up back stage.

Drop off:  .Please Drop off Performers at the front of Auditorium  


PICK UP: will be at the same location as drop off. Performers must stay the entire duration of their Recital hour. 


There will be plenty of parking and There is also street parking. 

Attiree/ Theme

ROARING 20S: Please have your performer come in stage ready! This is their big STAGE DEBUT! 


Location: 1950 3rd St, La Verne, CA 91750 

GUEST: each performer is given two complimentary tickets, for any additional guest Tickets can be bought at the door for $10 per ticket

The kids will prepare their show the next week with their instructor and be ready to rock and roll the day of the recital! This is a low pressure performance, no need to feel like you need to have a grammy winning performance ready. Each recital is an hour long and they are back to back. Your kids need to be dropped off AT LEAST 30 minutes before their show time! If you have any questions, please ask us this week when you come into class as we are getting SO MANY text messages right now! Thank you for understanding!

Audience Seating

It is an Auditorium there is plenty of seating for you and your guest! Simply come in ready to enjoy! 

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