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Thank you for Interviewing with us!

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to meet with us! Your interview will be fairly short we only have about 5 questions for you. Here is a little info about us and who we are. We have 2 locations: one in Glendora, CA an another in Upland, CA. We have over 700 students currently enrolled with our company and over 30 teachers. We constantly are scouting for new talent to join our team as we are in contact need of substitute teachers and also of permanent instructors to join our team. Our starting pay is $25 hr and we offer sick pay, vacation pay, retirement accounts, free therapy sessions and more!  We are a very down to earth positive environment and we are looking for reliable hard working music teachers who are excited to teach music lessons to all ages.  We are open M - F from 2 pm to 8 pm and Sat from 9 am to 230 pm and all of our lessons are 30 minute 1 on 1 private lessons.


  The great thing about being on our subs list is that whenever we do need to hire a permanent instructor, we look at our sub list 1st to see who we have interviewed in the past. If we decide to add you to our sub list, it works fairly simple:
1) A teacher request a sub (1 week before/a few days before/or even calls out sick the day of)

2) We reach out to you via text/call to see if you are available for that day to teach

3) if you are available great we book you in

4) IF you are not available, no worries hopefully next time it can work!

See you soon!

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